My Way: Violin Construction From Start to Finish


Brute force is left behind and a delicate jeweler's jigsaw and a light touch with the knife is called forth. I feel relaxed and look forward to this detailed work as it suits me by nature.

Layout of ff holes

The layout of the "ff" holes is extremely critical as it influences the tone and determines the string length. The ff holes are located and cut. The ff holes help the sound to project from the violin.

Layout of ff holes Cutting of ff holes

The ff holes are first cut out with a jigsaw.

The bass bar is fitted and glued to the inside of the top on the right side. The bass bar is a curved stick of spruce which reinforces the top.

Cutting of ff holes
Smoothing ff holes
Cartoon of ff holes

"ff" hole is completely cut out. Notice how smooth the wood is cut after cleaning up the rough edges left by the sawing process. The final clean-up is done with a very sharp knife.

Spruce stick
Spruce stick
Spruce stick
Cartoon on instrument

A stick of spruce is carved to fit the top, then glued in. After the glue is dry, the bar is carved down more until the original ringing tap tone is regained.