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Anne Cole at work

Articles about Anne

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Collaborate with Anne

Be a part of the creation of your ideal instrument which reflects your own personal temperament, tonal desires, physical needs and artistic temperament. Partnering with musicians classical or pop, amateur or professional is Anne's forte.


What if You Could Play on an Instrument With No Limitations, Custom Built for You?

Imagine discussing your needs and goals with the maker of your instrument. Your violin, viola or cello will be carefully made by hand, not in a shop assembly line. Every detail will be quality controlled by one dedicated artist-craftsman, Anne Cole, who will strive for tonal superiority in every touch.

Custom Made in the Great Southwest

In Anne's shop there is no such instrument as model A,B, or C. In fact, no two instruments are identical. You are a unique individual, so you have your own idea of your "dream machine". Talk to Anne about your desires; she has a masters degree in cello performance and has continued to concertize throughout her career as a maker. She understands the needs of musicians.

Back of violin

Exceptional Wood Inside and Out

This philosophy goes into every single sliver that is put into place from the overall choice of top and back woods to the linings, bass bar and soundpost inside. Each detail is small, but the cumulative effect is a lightness of touch, hairtrigger response and an unsurpassed dynamic range.

Meeting the Demands of a Modern Musician

A modern instrument by Anne Cole is designed to fill the concert hall of today with sound. Her instruments incorporate the empirical principles of the past with the new demands of the present.

Anne working on violin

Taking Time for Quality

Actually taking time to produce a quality product is not a secret, just a lost secret. That's one thing Anne has learned from the old masters which she has incorporated into her style. Work in her shop is done by hand which takes TIME; even the varnish spends TIME aging in the New Mexico climate.

Violin scroll

Visual Beauty

Anne also spends hours making each instrument unique, not only in model but in varnish color and artistic themes on scrolls and interiors. Her instruments can be recognized at a glance by even an untrained eye.

Anne in shop

Years of Experience and Reliability

A lifetime of making instruments has honed Anne's skills for the fifty years she has been in the professional market. You may call or email Anne directly. Early on in 1979 Anne won recognition at the Arizona Violin Makers Competition where she was awarded first prize for her Salomon cello. The next year she received a total of seven awards in Canada from the Violin Makers Association of British Columbia, including first prize in the category of string quartet construction. In this division, a maker's quartet was played publicly and compared to all other entries for their combined sound quality, fineness of construction and physical beauty. Currently, her instruments are being played around the world from the National String Quartet in Vietnam, to Singapore, then Germany and back across the Atlantic to the Cleveland Orchestra, CIM and the Manhattan School.