Circa 1610, Amati created a small five-stringed cello. This instrument was made before the more strictly confined modern standardization of dimensions was in practice. Yu-Ting Wang desired a full-size tone but with a shorter string length to accommodate her short little finger. I chose to emulate the Amati and created the four stringed cello, “the Gingko”, pictured in 2021. It has a string length of 25 inches or 635mm. The Gingko has a robust, projecting tone in spite of its shorter stature due to the design of the bassbar and my use of tap tones in tuning the plates to their final thicknesses. The cello superbly serves its modern master but also preserves the memory of the good ideas from the 1600’s well into the 21st century.

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Gingko Cello Gingko Cello Gingko Cello Gingko Cello Gingko Cello